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My husband has been coming to this place for the last 4 years and I never had the need for dry cleaners, but now since I have been traveling a lot I really don't have time to do laundry on those delicate work clothes. So I came the other day and was definitely pleased with the way the cloths came out and their service. Need to mention that I got 25% discount that my husband had received over his email. So if you decide to check this place out make sure to ask for the email subscription so that you can also get the sales that once in a while they have.

Shayra A.


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14-09-2012 Hits:4806 Testimonials Super User

-"My family has been very pleased with the quality of dry cleaning and shoe repair since we moved to Celebration in 2005. Their attention to detail and customer service has been consistent over the years. We feel very confident when...

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14-09-2012 Hits:5285 Testimonials Super User

When thinking about dry cleaning you don't normally invoke thoughts of palm trees and sandy beaches. But that's what this dry cleaner in quaint Baldwin Park will do for you. Its nestled in the courtyard near Publix, in fact to...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4746 Testimonials Super User

I don't need to use the dry cleaners very often, but this one is very convenient in Baldwin Park and I don't have any complaints as of yet! They always do a good job with a fast turn-around. I believe...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4722 Testimonials Super User

My fiancée had already been using this lovely establishment before me, due to the fact that he can get there before he needs to be at work, a lovely tidbit that you can't find at most dry cleaners. Then, when...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4620 Testimonials Super User

Best Cleaners always does a great job with my clothes. They also have a very efficient staff. Sheri is so friendly and pleasant - she always provides great customer service. They are also great at getting you...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4591 Testimonials Super User

Had a wild and crazy birthday this weekend. One of my best pairs of dress pants were trashed. I was afraid they would never be the same again. I almost threw them out, but took them to...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4615 Testimonials Super User

My husband has been coming to this place for the last 4 years and I never had the need for dry cleaners, but now since I have been traveling a lot I really don't have time to do laundry on...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4792 Testimonials Super User

Have always had a good experience with Best Cleaners. Am now using the locations in Windermere and Celebration, but will still go to Kirkman location when I need same-day service.

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14-09-2012 Hits:4739 Testimonials Super User

An update to my previous review from 2008: They DO offer recycling in the store now. That was huge relief to me as I had begun feeling guilty about the amount of waste being generated with each visit.

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14-09-2012 Hits:4471 Testimonials Super User

Very friendly, efficient staff who almost always address me by name. Primarily use the locations in Celebration and Windermere. Have never had a bad experience here. They do good work and have been wonderful whenever I've done...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4532 Testimonials Super User

I have been using BEST CLEANERS services 10+ years for both my dry cleaning & alteration services! On occasion, I have tried other dry cleaners because I figured a dry cleaner was a dry cleaner.....BIG MISTAKE! My clothes were never...

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14-09-2012 Hits:4409 Testimonials Super User

There is no doubt that this the "Best" cleaners I have ever been too. They took such great care of my daughter's wedding dress and it come back in like new condition. The staff was courteous, the response time was...

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13-09-2012 Hits:4530 Testimonials Super User

They went above and beyond in helping a bride in need get her dress pressed at the last minute. The team at Kirkman and the main office were great. Thanks!

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13-09-2012 Hits:4562 Testimonials Super User

The team here is amazing. I bring a lot of product here to be cleaned and repaired. They always do an amazing job, and the service is wonderful!

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13-09-2012 Hits:4362 Testimonials Super User

This is truly the best cleaner in Orlando. I have tried many dry cleaning places but none stand up to this place. Terry was amazing for me. She gave amazing service going above and beyond just to make sure I...

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